Chill joins us as we begin our coverage of The Clone Wars series on episodes 216 Cat and Mouse and 216 Hidden Enemy  because they are the first events the series covers chronologically.  These take place directly before The Clone Wars Movie.  What did you think of the first documented sighting of Ventress?  Was Slick justified in his actions?

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Objects of Interest
216 Cat and Mouse
Senator Bail Organa
General Anakin Skywalker
General Obi-Wan Kenobi
Admiral Wulff Yularen
Admiral Trench

Battle of Malastare Narrows
CT 1284 – Spark
Hyena bombers
Thermo shields*

116 Hidden Enemy
Clones – Hawk, Rex, Slick, Jester, Sketch, Chopper
General Loathsome


216 Cat and Mouse

Christophsis.  A planet under attack by Separatist forces.  Bale Organa leads the republic forces on the planet after he was trapped planet side by a separatist blockade. Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Admiral Wulf Yularan are tasked with breaking the blockade and delivering much needed supplies to the beleaguered republic forces on the planet. Admiral Yularen recognizes the emblem of the commander Trench.  Trench is a feared legendary leader and expert tactician.  Yularen believes that they won’t be able to break the blockade in time.  Instead they decide to use a new stealth ship to deliver supplies to the forces on the planet. Obi-Wan assigns Anakin to command the supply run and the admiral decides to tag along. Enroute to the planet Anakin realizes that the commander is the key to the blockade.  He decides to change the plan and use the stealth ship to take out the enemy command ship.  Commander Trench suspects something is coming and is on alert when the ship decloaks.  He is able to get his shields up in time to prevent the missiles from hitting him.  Anakin cloaks and evades the flurry of turbo laser fire that is sent their way. Obi-Wan reveals to Anakin that Trench has fought against stealth ships before and Anakin suspects that he did so by using missiles that tracked the magnetic signature of the ship.  Anakin tries to attack again, but he is unable to penetrate the shields.  Before he can cloak Trench drops his shields so he can fire tracking missiles at them.  Skywalker is able to cloak but the missiles are locked on.  He then leads these missiles right back to trenches ship while its shields are down and they take out the command ship and break the blockade.

116 Hidden Enemy

The battle for Christophsis continues.  The republic ground forces, lead by Skywalker and Kenobi, have set an ambush for the approaching separatist forces.  Just before they are in range, the enemy forces split up and take a different direction.  While trying to understand this Kenobi’s squad is attacked from behind by droids.  Anakin leads his squad to the rescue and leads them all to an evacuation point.  Once they are back at the base they realize that they have a traitor amongst them.  Obi-Wan believes that they can figure out who it is by going behind enemy lines.  They leave Commander Cody and Captain Rex behind to investigate who the traitor could be.  After the Jedi have left, Commander Cody discovers an open comm-link in the command center.  The enemy spy knows the Jedi are leaving on the mission.  Seeing a figure in the shadows Cody and Rex give chase.  They don’t get a good look but they follow the spy  to the base’s mess hall.  The only people inside are fellow clones, brothers.  They return to the command center and try to warn the Jedi, but the comm line is blocked on the other end.  Meanwhile, Obi-Wan and Anakin drive their speeders deep into enemy territory.  They notice a growing presence of droids following them.  Realizing It’s a Trap,  doesn’t dissuade them from continuing on.  They reach the Separatist command center and are greeted by Assaj Ventress upon entering.  After a bit of flirting between her and Obi-wan the duel begins.  Back at base Rex has R2-D2 go through the records to find out where the spy is sending their messages from.  The records lead back to platoon leader Slick’s barracks.  After talking to the men and a slip up from the spy they are able to determine that Slick is the traitor.  He is able to get out of the barracks,  but Cody and Rex give chase.  Slick is able to get to the munitions depot and destroy it.  Rex and Cody are able to find him and capture him in the command center, but the damage is done.  Assaj Ventress tells Kenobi and Skywalker that they are too late and finally springs her trap revealing a droid army backing her.  Skywalker and Kenobi steal speeders from a pair of droids and return to base to find out about the traitor.  Slick is taken away as the Jedi and clones prepare for the battles to come.

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