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We delve into the world of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, with special guests,  Richard and Sarah the hosts of  Skywalking through Neverland.  Does Vader truly understand his relationship with Palpatine? Do you feel this strengthens Luke’s point of view about Vader or Obi-Wan’s?

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It is a period of insurgence. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base on the moon of Yavin have won a shocking surprise victory against the rightful reign of the Galactic Empire.  The Empire’s ultimate peacekeeping force, The Death Star, was destroyed due to an unforeseen flaw.  Without this deterrent, the rule of law is in danger. Chaos looms!

Darth Vader enters  Jabba the Hutt’s palace.  He kills the first to guards and tells Bib Fortuna, the majordomo,  that he will speak with the Hutt.  When Jabba sees him he asks why he has come a day early and what can he do for the Empire.  Vader commands for the audience to be cleared out and tells Jabba he needs something done for him, not the Empire.  Jabba takes some persuading, but agrees.

A day earlier Vader meets with Emperor Palpatine.  They have a lengthy discussion about Vader’s failures of late, a recent attack on a facility on Cymoon and the destruction of the Death Star.  Palpatine kills the administrator of the facility telling Vader that the man won’t fail him again, but questions if Vader will.  When Vader exclaims that he will destroy the rebels Palpatine explains to Vader that he is being demoted.  

He explains that General Tagge is being given supremacy.  Tagge’s philosophy is that a large fleet must be dominant while the second Death Star is being constructed.  Vader has been assigned to work under the General’s orders. As Vader is leaving to meet with the hutts to negotiate materials, Emperor Palpatine has a visitor.  When Vader asks who he is, Palpatine reminds him of the role of a Sith apprentice.

Again on Tatooine after speaking with Jabba, Vader meets with two bounty hunters that Jabba the Hutt has arranged.  He assigns a wookiee named Black Krrsantan to capture the man the Emperor was meeting with.  The other bounty hunter, Boba Fett, he assigns to capture the young pilot who left Tatooine with Obi Wan Kenobi on the Millennium Falcon.

While the bounty hunters are busy doing their work Vader undertakes a task for General Tagge.  Tagge also assigns Vader an adjutant, Lieutenant Oon-Ai, who is to report to Tagge on all matters.  Vader is irritated, but goes along with the arrangement.  They are then able to capture a droid controlled pirate corvette and send it back to its base. Vader, Oon-Ai, and some stormtroopers are aboard the corvette and storm the base in order to get an information dump from their main computer.  Vader has an astromech plant some information in the computer before they hack the system.  Upon returning to General Tagge, Vader reveals that Oon-Ai was a leak and has the former adjutant thrown in the brig.  

Divested of the spy, Vader is able to pursue his own objectives again.  He recruits a rogue droid archaeologist Doctor Aphra.  While they discuss what Vader is after he helps her to activate the droid Triple Zero and BT-1,  both are homicidal droids, but now loyal to Aphra and Vader.  After Vader reveals that he is seeking a droid army to do his bidding, Aphra says that she was supposed to investigate a droid factory on Geonosis for the Droid Gotra, but will take him there instead.

Once they reach Geonosis they find that a Geonosian queen has a machine that is producing the droids.  Vader and Aphra steal it from the crazed Queen.  After Aphra gets the production machine up and running Black Krrsantan contacts them and delivers his target.  The man that the Emperor met with refuses to talk.  Vader decides to leave him in the hands of Triple Zero,  the sadistic protocol droid.  Triple Zero is able to find out that Dr Cylo IV was in charge of a research facility where he is creating replacements for Vader.

Vader and Aphra assault the research facility,  they meet little resistance until they reach the Dojo.  There Vader is cut off from his other forces and faces off against two humans wielding lightsabers.  He quickly realizes that they are not using the force, but still have great speed and agility.  Dr Cylo V walks in and stops the fight.  He explains the purpose of the creation of the twins that Vader was fighting with, and informs Vader that he has been working on it for twenty years.

Just as Vader is about to strike Cylo down, Palpatine enters and commands him to stop.  Cylo then introduces all of his creations.  Morit and Aiolin, technologically enhanced humans.  A Trandoshan that has been cyber animated so it feels no pain.  Tulon a cybernetic enhanced human with a swarm of drones and Commander Karbin a Mon Cal that has been turned into an updated version of General Grievous.

Palpatine commands that they give a real demonstration and Dr. Cylo has them fight to the death.  This continues until the Trandoshan dies, at this point the Emperor calls a stop to the fight.  Palpatine dismisses everyone except for Vader.  He says that he is impressed with Vader gathering his own forces and working outside of his system.  He then reminds Vader of the nature of the relationship between a Sith master and his apprentice.  When Vader questions Palpatine’s plans to replace him for the past twenty years they Emperor tells Vader that the Dark side is strength and he must prove himself.

Vader returns to his ship and commands Aphra to launch immediately.  She does and then informs Vader that Boba Fett was ready to report.  When Vader meets with Fett on his star destroyer he learns that the bounty hunter has failed.  Vader then asks if Fett was able to learn anything useful.  Boba Fett tells him he has learned one thing, the pilot’s name, Skywalker.

Other Characters

Max Rebo


Sand People

Ben Kenobi

Utani Xane

Quarantine World III

Ark Angel

Comic Creation Team

Writer: Keiron Gillen

Artist:  Salvador Larroca

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Letterer:  VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist:  Adi Granov

Editor:  Jordan D. White