We are joined by Marshall and Will from The Usual Podcast as we feast on Marvel’s Star Wars comic.  Who is the mysterious person looking for Han Solo?  Can Luke Skywalker overcome his challenges?

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It is a period of renewed hope for the Rebellion.  The evil Galactic Empire’s greatest weapon, the Death Star, has been destroyed by the young Rebel pilot, Luke Skywalker.  With the Imperial forces in disarray, the Rebels look to press their advantage by unleashing a daring offensive throughout the far reaches of space, hoping to defeat the Empire once and for all and at last restore freedom to the galaxy.

A Tatooine shuttle is approaching Cymoon 1, the Empire’s largest weapons factory.  The Imperial overseer Aggadeen believes that it is an envoy of the Illustrious Jabba the Hutt.  When the ship lands Han Solo steps out with R2-D2 and flanked by two masked guards.  Aggadeen escorts the group into the factory to lead them to the negotiation room to await the Imperial negotiator.  Before they get there Han signals R2 and the true hero of Star Wars strikes.  He disables three of the Stormtroopers while Han, Leia Organa, and Luke Skywalker each take out one.

With the guards disabled Han is able to persuade Aggadeen, with a little help from R2, to give them directions to the reactor control room.  Once there the Rebel team sets the core to overload and destroy the facility.  While R2 is slicing the computer Luke wanders off from the rest of them and finds a large group of prisoners that he then sets free.  As they begin to head out Chewbacca reports from his sniper position outside that a shuttle is approaching.  The Imperial negotiator has arrived, Darth Vader.

Leia orders Chewy to shoot Vader even though it will set the whole moon on alert.  Chewy begins to fire at Vader.  The Sith Lord is able to avoid assassination and topple the tower that Chewy is in.  He then orders a full alert and begins his hunt for the rebels.  Han calls C-3P0 to start the autopilot on the Millennium Falcon for extraction.  Unfortunately while they were away some scavengers had begun to dismantle the Falcon and it would not respond.  Instead of trying to hold out, the team of Rebels steal an AT-AT and make their way to the Falcon.

Leia realizes that Luke has wandered off again.  The young pilot finds and confronts Vader.  Luke is quickly disarmed by Vader, but Han saves him by putting the foot of his Walker through the room separating the two.  A running fire fight continues as the group continues to try and escape the Empire.  Aggadeen is able to stop the core meltdown, so Luke steals a speeder bike and takes it into the facility and destroys it.  He makes it back to the Falcon with the rest of the team to find Chewy making the last of the needed repairs to get off the ground.

After his humiliating defeat at the hands of Vader, Luke decides he and R2 must go out and try to find more information about Ben Kenobi and the ways of the Force.  Han is trying to repair the Falcon after the attack on Cymoon 1,  but he can’t get more parts until he completes another mission for Leia and the Rebellion.  On Tatooine we see Boba Fett hunting a boy that left the planet with Ben Kenobi, and we see a mysterious bounty hunter searching for Han Solo.

The first place Luke thinks to look for more information is at Kenobi’s house on Tatooine.  After he clears out some Tusken Raiders he enters the hut just in time for Boba Fett to catch up with him.  Boba Fett blinds Luke with an EMP/Flash grenade but Luke puts up a fight despite.  Just as Fett is about to defeat Luke, a box that Ben left for him flies through the air and saves him by knocking Fett out from behind.  Luke has R2 lead him back to his X-wing to leave the planet.

Han and Leia’s scouting mission to find a new base for the Rebels is slow going.  They are on a stolen Imperial shuttle so they can move about more freely in their search.  The duo encounter a pair of Tie Fighters in the Moddell Sector that ask for clearance to be in the sector.  Just as the codes Leia gave them are being cleared Han gets nervous and makes a break for it.  The Imperials are alarmed and give chase demanding to board the ship.  Han leads Leia to the Monsua Nebula.  Within the electric storms of the nebula is one of Han’s secret hideouts, a small planet.

Han claims that only he and Chewy know about the little planet.  He then makes a pass at Leia that doesn’t go over very well and she storms out of Han’s cave back to the ship.  Han chases after her and as their argument escalates they hear the roar of an engine.  The bounty hunter from Tatooine is coming in.  Han recognizes the ship and tells Leia to run as the ship strafes them with cannon fire.  When the bounty hunter lands and steps out Leia asks who is it.  The mysterious woman introduces herself, Sana Solo, Hans wife

Noteworthy Extras

Admiral Ackbar

Mon Mothma

General Jan Dodanna


Comic Creators

Writer Jason Aaron

Artist John Cassaday

Colorist Laura Martin

Letterer Chris Eliopoulous

Cover Artist Cassaday and Martin

Ass. Editor Charles Beacham

Editor Jordan D White