Jesse from the Passionately Casual Podcast joins us as we take a look at Chuck Wendig’s novel Aftermath.  Can Sloane bring the fractured Imperial leadership together?  Can Norra Wexley balance her family and her duties?

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Victory!! The Rebel Alliance has struck a major blow against the Galactic Empire. The second Death Star has been destroyed and along with it Emperor Palpatine. They have made great strides to champion their cause across the galaxy. Imperial Governors and fleet officers have defected to the Alliance. On the planet of Chandrilla, the Alliance has formed a new government. Mon Mothma is placed in charge of The New Republic.

Even with the imperial leadership fractured, Admiral Ackbar is cautious. The crafty Mon Cal knows that the Imperial Navy still has the strength to be a real threat. The battle for the galaxies freedom is balanced on a knife’s edge. To prevent falling into another trap, Ackbar sends out countless ships and commandeered probe droids to get a better picture of the Galaxy. One is piloted by a hero of the rebellion Wedge Antilles.

Captain Antilles travels to several worlds in the outer rim searching for Imperial activity. When he reaches the world of Akiva he finds more than he plans. He is confronted by several star destroyers. The Empire is having a meeting between several high level figures. Admiral Rea Sloane is gathering together Moff Pandion, General Jylia Shale, Arsin Crassus, and Yupe Tashu in order to bring the Empire back under a structured leadership. Admiral Sloane is eager to keep this meetings existence confidential.

Before Wedge can make the jump to hyperspace he is caught in their tractor beam. Not one to give up easily Antilles uses his ship as a distraction in the hanger and slips away into the belly of the star destroyer. He plans to infiltrate the communications center of the ship and send a warning to the New Republic.

Admiral Rea Sloane is much craftier than most imperials and is able to divine Wedge’s plan. She finds him just as he is sending out a message and stops it from leaving the system. Sloane takes Wedge into custody and takes him down to Akiva. Once she is on the planet with him she puts him in the prison of the Satrap, the leader of Akiva. There Sloane interrogates Antilles for more information on his mission to the system.

The rebel hero’s efforts do not fall on deaf ears. A member of the strike team that flew with him into the Death Star has just returned home to the planet to retrieve her estranged son. Norra Wexley is torn between her duty to the cause she has been fighting for and her responsibility to her son Temmin.

Temmin’s choices while Norra has been away prove to be a problem. He is a rival to the crime lord Surat Nuat. Norra is able to save her son, and his sadistic B1 battle droid Mr. Bones, from Surat’s goons when they show up at his shop. Temmin refuses to leave Akiva and his shop behind. Norra does what any responsible mother does; she drugs him and attempts to kidnap him. Unfortunately for her when she returns to the ship that smuggled her onto the planet the captain is dead and storm troopers are searching the area.

Norra and Temmin manage to escape the storm troopers, but Temmin takes the opportunity to split off and head back to his shop to collect his things. When he gets there Surat’s thugs are already there. Temmin is discovered observing the shop and is captured. He is taken before Surat and is condemned to have his tongue cut out and maybe more. Before this happens a Zabrak bounty hunter named Jas Emari and a former Imperial Loyalty officer, Sinjar Rath Velus, escape Surat’s dungeon themselves, each of them being captured under different circumstances, and rescue Temmin.

Just as they are exiting Surat’s Cantina base they are set upon by Surat’s goons and Imperial storm troopers.  The two forces join together to pursue the escapees. The three are eventually cornered in an ally. They take cover and then Temmin sees something fly into the group of thugs and stormtroopers. Mr. Bones surprises the group and begins shooting and hacking at his master’s enemies. At the same time Norra Wexley delivers cover fire and the group is able to escape.

Meanwhile Admiral Ackbar is on the hunt for his missing officer. He determines that Wedge’s last location was Akiva and that their is a hidden imperial presence, thanks to the help of a mysterious aid known only as, The Operator. He sends a single team commanded by Jom Barrel. Their drop ship is shot down in high orbit after they jump out from a high orbit entry. As they are descending through the atmosphere turbo lasers begin taking the team out one by one. Jom is the only one that is able to evade the lasers and make it to the surface. His arm is broken from the rough landing.

After regrouping at Temmin’s aunt’s house, Norra and her ragtag group discuss their situation. Jas, the bounty hunter and Sinjir want to collect the New Republic’s bounty on the group of Imperials. Norra refuses but Temmin joins with the other two so she agrees to help. They begin the main assault on the Satrap’s Palace and capture a broadcasting station, record, and broadcast a fake video of an Imperial officer killing an innocent boy. Norra hopes this will rally the people to attack when they see the Palace under attack. They use old underground tunnels to sneak into the Satrap’s palace, planning to capture the Imperial elite and rescue Wedge Antilles.

As the team moves through the tunnels they notice that Temmin is acting oddly. They find out in short order what the cause is. It’s a Trap, Temmin has betrayed them in order to secure his and Norra’s safety so that they can remain on the planet. Admiral Sloane has other plans in mind and alters the deal. She has Temmin escorted out by way of the roof. As the StormTroopers march him to the edge he sees that an angry mob has formed around the Palace. Then he is flung over the edge.

Temmin is saved by the crowd. The group catches him and lowers him to the ground unhurt. The young man is distraught at what he has done and determines to save his mother and the others. He begins to climb the walls of the Satrap’s Palace with the crowd. Temmin is able to make it to the landing platform just as the ship carrying the Imperials and their prisoners lifts off. Temmin leaps and clings to the side of the ship.

Sloane’s personal pilot, Morna Kee, informs the Admiral that something is attached to the hull. The Admiral orders StormTroopers to investigate. When one of them opens the hatch to look out Temmin grabs him by his helmet and flings him into the open air. Temmin climbs aboard. Two more troopers greet him with blasters raised. Temmin runs. He doesn’t make it far when the ship is hit by a blast that takes out the wall and the two troops, Temmin makes it through a cabins pressure door.

Jom Barrell the lone member of the spec ops team is able to capture one of the turbo lasers. He uses it to blast the Imperial ship. Unknowingly he has saved Temmin. Morna is able to evade the the rest of Jom’s fire and make it into orbit. They find their 3 star destroyers in a pitched battle with the New Republic fleet. Sloan commands Morna to get them to the Vigilance, her star destroyer. Republic Commander Agate sees Sloanes ship and realizes it is a valuable information source. She has her fleet concentrate fire on the Star destroyer it is heading towards.

Temmin makes it into the service conduits of the ship and finds Norra, Jas and Sinjir. He is able to uncuff them through a floor grate. With the cuffs off Jas is able to overpower Moff Pandion and capture his blaster. She then holds him as a hostage. Then everything goes dark. The ship crashes into the hanger of the Vigilance. Everyone is tossed around. Jas is the first to come too and stuns the Imperials.

Norra, Temmin, and Sinjir wake and open a hole in the hull and escape to the flight deck. The Star destroyer is close to destruction from the Republic fleets attacks. They see that a few shuttles are still in the hanger. When one of the shuttles takes off they realize that someone else from their ship has survived and escaped. Norra orders the other three to collect the Imperials and get them on a shuttle. She has Temmin search the ship for Wedge and get him out as well. Norra Wexley takes a tie fighter to go after Sloane.

Norra contacts the Republic fleet and lets them know she’s a friendly and she gets support in her pursuit. As she relentlessly fires on the shuttle Pandion reveals he has boarded the ship with Sloane and she shoots the moff in the belly and shoves him into the back of the ship. Sloane has Morna disconnect the cockpit escape pod and blow up the rest of the ship. They make it to one of the other Star destroyers. Safely on board Sloane makes the jump out of the system.


Wedge Antilles: rebel pilot
Admiral Rae Sloane: imperial officer
Lieutenant Nils
Norra Susser/Wexley
Sinjir Rath Velus. Imperial loyalty officer.
Tracene Kane, reporter
Olia Choko, public relations representative for Mon Mothma and the new Senate.
Lug, trandoshan cameraman
Temmin Wexley                                                                                                                            Mr. Bones, Temmin’s Modified B1-Battledroid
Yupe Tashu
Moff Pandion
Arsin Crassus
General Jylia Shale
Jas Emari                                                                                                                               Mon Mothma
Hostis Ij, Advisor to Mon Mothma
Auxi Kray Korbin, Advisor to Mon Mothma
Orgadomo Dokura
Surat Nuat, Head of the Akiva Crime Syndicate
Admiral Ackbar
The operator
Pade, Young man from Uyter trying to reach the Imperial Academy

HH-87 Starhopper: the Rover.
Home One

Hanna City.
Uyter                                                                                                                                                Myrra, City on Akiva

Florrum, mentioned
Ryloth, mentioned
Hinari, mentioned
Abafar, mentioned
Raydonia, mentioned