Redna and Ordoo discuss the gambler Lando Calrissian’s adventure in Marvel’s Lando comic.  Does Lando have what it takes to finish this job? What do you think of his sidekick Lobot?

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It is a period of scarce opportunity. In a galaxy overrun by an oppressive and evil Galactic Empire, there is little hope for a future free from the Emperor’s iron rule,  But with the Imperials distracted by a growing alliance of rebels, smugglers and pirates travel the galaxy for fortunes found only by those daring enough to grasp them.

Lando Calrissian, a man trying to make his way through an uncaring universe, is willing to bet all he has for a single score – and it begins with the deal of a lifetime. Lando seduces one of the most brutal Moffs in the empire convincing her to give him a valuable piece of art.  He plans to use it to pay off his debt to Papa Toren a gangster on the world of Castell.  

Toren claims that the piece originally belonged to him and that returning it isn’t sufficient payment to clear Lando’s debt.  He then offers Lando a chance to make them even and retire all at once.  He gives Lando instructions to steal an Imperial pleasure ship, the Imperialis, that was currently under maintenance in the Castell system.  Lando realizing he has no other choice assembles his team.  

Lobot his ever present companion agrees to join him,  this provides a tech man.  He then hires two unique individuals, Aleksin and Pavol as the muscle.  Finally he hires a Ugnaught named Korin Pers, an expert on antiquities.  With this team they are able to sneak aboard the ship and aren’t detected until they are already on the way out.  The Imperials attempt to stop them with three Star Destroyers, but with the ship’s advanced automated defenses and Lando’s piloting skills they are able to escape unharmed.

The owner of the ship not trusting the Imperial Navy to stop them enlists the help of a bounty hunter, Chanath Cha.  The bounty hunter stops mid hunt to answer the call and agrees to take on the job for Emperor Palpatine.  He provides her with a ship, The Scimitar, and a droid aid O-66.This ship has the capabilities to track the Imperialis anywhere it goes.

Believing that they are safe in hyperspace  Lando and his team begin to examine the contents of the ship.  Korin sees that the ship is filled with rare and valuable artifacts.  They make it to a locked central storage area.  Lobot uses his implants to bypass the security, and as soon as the door comes open two imperial guards step out and stab him in the stomach.

Aleksin and Pavol step in and take up the fight against the two guards while Lando and Korin take Lobot to the Medbay.  Once Lobot is in a Bacta tank healing Lando grabs a blaster and heads back to help in the fight.  He finds the twins standing over the bodies of the two guards victorious.  Upon unmasking the guards, Korin sees that the guards have been corrupted.

They finally enter the central storage area to find a collection of Sith artifacts larger than Korin believed existed.  While Lando and Korin discuss the artifacts Aleksin and Pavol look around.  After just a moment Aleksin picks up an old lightsaber and cuts off Pavol’s hand.  Lando not sure what is going on grabs Korin and runs out of the room sealing the twins behind them.

Korin tries to convince Lando to get to an escape pod and leave the ship behind.  Before they can decide the computer announces that the escape pods have been disabled.  Korin decides to try and fix the escape pods but doesn’t make it far.  Lando hears Korins trouble and tries to help, both are captured by Chanath Cha.  After the bounty hunter takes off her helmet we find that Lando knows her.  She agrees to help them escape but they have to destroy the ship, It being the only way to cover their tracks.

Before they get anywhere Aleksin and Pavol show up, both with lightsabers now.  They kill Korin quickly but Lando and Chanath make it through another door.  Chanath sets the autodestruct and Lando goes and gets Lobot.  Chanath is attacked by Pavol at the airlock but defeats the one armed merc without trouble.  Lando is confronted by Aleksin but is able to talk him into dropping his guard, as soon as he does Lando pulls a blaster and shoots him dead.  

When Lando gets to the airlock Chanath tells him that O-66 has refused to move the Scimitar to the airlock to retrieve her because of the auto destruct.  Lobot says that he can reactivate the escape pods.  Lobot is successful but because of his injury he couldn’t control his implants and hack the system at the same time and his implants take over his mind.  In a recording he had pre programmed into himself he tells Lando to do something good with his skills saying, “You’re Better than this.”


Lando Calrissian


Governer Ssaria

Papa Toren



Sava Korin Pers

Mas Amedda

Sheev Palpatine

Captain Shan

Captain Conro

Commedore Idel

Commander Pasqual

Chanath Cha


Big String

Raith Sienar






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