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Ordoo and Redna explore Marvel’s Princess Leia mini-series.  What becomes of the surviving Alderanians?  How does Leia cope with the destruction of her homeworld?

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It is a time of both hope and mourning within the Rebellion.  With the Death Star destroyed and the ceremony complete the rebel scramble to evacuate Yavin. As Luke and Han begin their evacuation duties, Leia approaches general Dodonna and asks what she can do to help. He informs her that with the large bounty on her she is to stay put and take time to mourn the loss of her planet and family. Later, not being one to sit idle, she devises a plan of action.

Leia recruits Rebel pilot Evaan Verlaine, a fellow Alderaanian,  and heads out into the galaxy to save the surviving Alderaanians from the Galactic Empire.  General Dodonna attempts to stop Leia before she makes it out of the system by sending the last two members of Red Squadron, Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles.  The two pilots try to block their way but Evaan is able to make the jump to hyperspace.

The first place they search is the planet Naboo.  Almost immediately Leia is recognized by an old acquaintance Lord Junn.  She tells Junn of her plans and that she is on Naboo to collect a group of musicians, The Melodic Order.  Lord Junn offers to help her get in touch with them since he knows Mul Sanaka, a club owner who has an arrangement with the Order.

It’s a trap!!  Lord Junn and Mul Sanaka plan to capture Leia and turn her over to the empire, But one of their goons slips up and Leia escapes.  In the process the Manager for the Melodic Order, Madame Pareece recognizes Leia and takes her to the Order.  Leia convinces the Order to join her.  In order to accommodate all the extra passengers she returns to Lord Junn, but this time with a blaster in her hand.

Lord Junn, in exchange for being left unharmed, gives Leia a ship large enough to carry everyone to their next destination, Sullust.  Leia gets a local guide to lead her to the Alderaan Enclave.  Upon reaching it she is met with hostility.  Leia reveals herself and walks past all to the leader of the enclave, Preserver Jora Astane.  The Enclave is extremely paranoid and has cutting edge surveillance equipment set up to protect themselves.

The Enclave discovers that a transmission was sent to Lord Junn from one of Leia’s ships.  Jora immediately thinks the worst and orders her troops to shoot Leia.  Evaan stalls long enough for Leia to use one of the computers to see that a squad of Stormtroopers is on the way. Then she escapes into a deeper tunnel that is full of Rockrenders.

Knowing that the Enclave will be destroyed, R2-D2 baits Rockrenders through the tunnels and back to the entrance of the Enclave.  When the Stormtroopers attack R2 tricks one of the creatures to breach the wall into the Enclave.  The creatures are then drawn to the dense minerals in the Stormtrooper armor.  With the Imperials on the run and the creatures chasing after them Jora realizes her mistake and bows before Leia.

With the group from Sullust,  and some weapons smuggled to them by Nien Nunb, they have a rag tag fleet with no place to call home.  Leia then decides to send Jora and Madam Parceece to the planet of Espirion.  A heavily militarized world that openly accepts refugees and has a population of Alderanians already there.  While Leia’s envoy meets with their government she discovers the source of the information leak within her ranks.

It turns out that one of the members of the Melodic Order was talking to her sister,  an officer in the Imperial Navy.  Leia confronts the girl and believes she didn’t realize she was jeopardizing the the Alderanian refugees.  She then lures out the Imperials and rescues the sister from their grasp.

Leia’s envoys are unable to convince the Leaders of Espirion to accepts them mostly because of Jora’s elitist attitude.  When Leia arrives the Empire is not far behind.  With nowhere to run Leia decides to make a stand with her fleet in orbit of Espirion.  She makes a final speech to her fleet that R2-D2 transmits to the Alderanian leader of Espirion.  This convinces him to aid and accept the refugees.

With her people safe Leia orders them to elect a new Princess, so that she can return to the rebellion.