Ordoo and Redna wade into the mysteries of the Force with The Weapon of A Jedi by Jason Fry.  Can Luke find the the connection to The Force is is looking for?  How can Luke complete his Jedi training now that Ben is dead?

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Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure

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The Rebel Alliance has destroyed the Empire’s dreaded Death Star, but the Galaxy remains convulsed by civil war, and the Imperial Star fleet is hunting the rebels throughout the Galaxy. Luke Skywalker, the pilot who destroyed the Death Star, is now hailed as a hero, but Luke seeks only to support the freedom fighters, serving the Rebellion behind the controls of his X-wing Fighter.  Evan as he flies alongside the pilots of Red Squadron, Luke feels stirrings in the mystical energy field known as The Force,  And this farm boy turned fighter pilot begins to suspect that his destiny lies along a different path.

While on a mission with red squadron Luke feels the first stirrings.  In hyperspace Luke decides to meditate trying to make a connection and gain some understanding of what the force wants.  He has a vision of a courtyard and it is alive with the force.  Luke is uncertain of what it means, but he doesn’t have long to think about it before he is sent on his next mission.

A two seater Y-wing and C-3PO are assigned to Luke for his critical mission to collect important data files from rebel cells.  Luke is disheartened by the dull mission but doesn’t want to argue with orders.  Before he gets to far he is attacked by an Imperial Patrol.  He is able to get away but is forced to set down on the planet Devaron to make repairs.

As he comes in for a landing in a remote area he sees the ruins of an old temple and feels drawn to them.  After getting his repairs underway by a local mechanic he employs a guide, Sarco Plank, to lead him to the ruins.  The Sarco takes him to the perimeter of an Imperial sensor grid protecting the abandoned site.  Luke leaves the guide behind and finds a gap in the sensors.

Once inside Luke sees the courtyard from his vision.  After looking around Luke begins to test himself in the force.  He begins to hear Ben’s voice occasionally giving him advice.  During this time he is able to find some old training remotes.  He uses these to train and forge a deeper connection with the force.

After a few days in the temple training Luke is attacked by a group of Imperials that had been tracking him since he had been attacked by the patrol. Luke found himself surrounded by eight troopers, But Sarco Plank shows up.  Sarco and Luke quickly dispatch the Imperial troops.  After the bodies are hidden Sarco Attacks Luke!  He wants to scavenge the Temple and leave no trace of who was there.  Luke defeats Sarco and leaves the temple swearing to become a Jedi one day.


Luke Skywalker



Sarco Plank

Wedge Antilles

Commander Narra


Kivas(Farnay’s father)



Temple of Eedit







Pikhrons(a herbivore game animal on Devaron)