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Episode 16: Revenge of The Sith


We have our special guest @RPGbeatsRL join us again for our coverage of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  Did the Jedi Council cause their own downfall by excluding Anakin?  Did Mace Windu’s lack of trust in Anakin cause the fall?

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The Force Awakens Reactions

Force Awakens

We discuss our Force Awakens reactions with our guests: The artist Dave Dorman and the hosts of The Usual Podcast Will and Marshall.  We will discuss SPOILERS and what really caught our attentions in our first viewing of THE FORCE AWAKENS!!!!!

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Patron Round Table Special


Round Table Special

We are joined by three of our Patrons:  Spencer, Jay, and Atohiowas.  In this round table we discuss a smattering of subjects all inspired by listener input.

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Episode 12: Marvel Star Wars Book 1 (Issues 1-6)


We are joined by Marshall and Will from The Usual Podcast as we feast on Marvel’s Star Wars comic.  Who is the mysterious person looking for Han Solo?  Can Luke Skywalker overcome his challenges?

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Connections Through The Force

I couldn’t tell you when I saw Star Wars for the first time. It was somewhere in my late single digits, while I was in Baltimore visiting my extended family with my parents and brother. My parents left my brother and me with my Uncle Wayne for the day while they were doing, well, whatever they were doing that day. It was long enough ago that I don’t remember and it really isn’t that important.

Wayne was a quiet man who commanded attention when he spoke, simply because he never said anything irrelevant. I never really got to know Wayne that well, but the first time I watched Star Wars was with him and my brother. It was just the three of us and, thinking back on it, I don’t think Wayne knew what to do with us. When in doubt, watch a movie. He started listing off some movies he had on VHS. When Wayne mentioned Star Wars my brother jumped up and said, “That one!” I wasn’t sold. I am a few years younger than my brother, and I saw a juicy cartoon flick in the pile calling my name, but my brother convinced me to watch Star Wars. His talk about spaceships and lasers caught my attention, and saying it was like The Last Starfighter, a favorite at the time, really sealed it.

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Episode 03: Lords of the Sith


We explore the Dark Lords of the Sith in this episode covering the book Lords of the Sith.  We are joined again by Marshall Carr from The Usual Podcast!

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